Try Before You Buy… Your Property

Buying a new property can be just as stressful as it is exciting. With so much to think about, it can be easy to overlook some of the most important aspects to consider pre-purchase.

Plumbing and heating surveys will identify any existing or potential issues with the home that a building inspection might miss.  

When you opt for a survey, an experienced plumber will pop round to inspect all aspects of the property’s plumbing. Drains, hot water feeds and heating systems are all checked over for current or potential problems. 

The Benefits of Pre-Purchase Plumbing and Heating Surveys 

Save Yourself Some Money 

Any problems identified with the property before purchase can be paid by the owner’s home insurance. This will protect you from hefty plumbing fees or unwanted surprises when you move in.  

Should any major issues with plumbing or heating be identified, the property’s saleability will be greatly impacted. By conducting a simple pre-purchase survey, you may be able to negotiate a considerable chunk off of the property’s asking price.  

A More Attractive Mortgage Deal  

Lenders are less likely to offer you a good mortgage deal if they think the property is overvalued. A pre-purchase plumbing and heating survey will ensure a more accurate price evaluation.   

What’s more, there’s less risk involved with the purchase when you know the working order of the property’s components. This makes you more attractive to lenders and should therefore guarantee a better mortgage deal.

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